Floxsee Tri-Fold Mirror Facts

How to use Floxsee Tri-fold Mirror:

  • Lift the telescoping handles out of the center section of the mirror
    • Hang on any door
    • Pull mirror down, adjust to your height
    • Open sides…look in either side mirror, see the back of your head in the opposite side
  • Put Floxsee tri-fold mirror flat on a table
    • Lift one side and adjust angle for personal grooming and to apply make-up

Floxsee Tri-fold Mirror gives you:

  • A panoramic mirror so you can see your hair from every angle
  • A mirror that gives you both hands free to style or color your hair.
  • A tri-view mirror to see the back and sides of your head
  • A portable mirror for easy travel and storage
  • A mirror that adjusts to your height
  • A mirror that hangs from any door and allows you to view your hair while you style with both hands
  • A break-resistant acrylic mirror

Use Floxsee Tri-fold Mirror for:

  • Hair drying
  • Flat Ironing
  • Hair styling
  • View thinning hair spots to apply fibers
  • Adding extensions
  • Hair coloring (men & women)
  • Personal Grooming (men & women)
  • Fixing bedhead and cowlicks
  • Adjusting wigs or hair pieces

Places to use Floxsee Tri-fold Mirror:

  • Home
  • Hotel
  • College Dorm
  • Locker Room – school or sports club
  • Cheerleading or dance competition
  • Vacation home
  • Mobile Home, RV or Boat
  • Office or workplace
  • Hospital Room

Caring for Floxsee Tri-fold Mirror:

  • Clean with water and a soft cloth


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Acrylic Mirror Information

REFLECTIVITY : Approx. 85-90% over the 400-700 nanometer visual light spectrum. Minor visual distortion possible at a distance of more than 2’.
LIGHTWEIGHT - Less than one half the weight of glass in the same size and
BREAK RESISTANT: Superior break & impact resistance when compared to traditional glass mirror. Up to 10 times more break resistant &17 times greater impact resistance than traditional glass mirror- same dimension and thickness  

HEAT: Can tolerate heat exposure up to 160 degrees F.   

WEATHER/MOISTURE RESISTANCE: Acrylic mirror products are not recommended for outdoor



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