What Our Customers Say...

  • I used my FLOXSEE last Saturday and felt so confident going out for I saw every thinning spot on the back and sides of my head to spray and sprinkle my cover up product. How can I ever thank you enough for thinking of something to help my self esteem. If you look good, you feel good. At my age that is a challenge. FLOXSEE also made the process of meeting that challenge happen faster. It has cut down grooming time by half. Made my hubby happier too. Thanks soooooo much.  FLOXSEE and I are inseparable!  With love and gratitude ~ Adrianne
  • This is the most useful item I have in my home ~ Emily
  • Just what we need, have been looking for....forever! Hands free, see the back of our head and all sides easily, securely. No more holding a mirror in one hand, a brush or comb in the other, a few hair pins and hair spray necessary yet what to do, which item to put down, pick up again, drop the mirror etc. Floxsee and be done with it. ~ Carol
  • Beautifully made product. Perfect for seeing the back of your head at home or while you travel. ~ Jason
  • Can't wait to travel with my Floxsee, I’ve been needing a product like this for years. ~ Elle
  • Floxsee is a must have in the locker room. I use it every time I get out of the pool to see the back of my hair when I dry it. ~ Anita
  • I never realized how bald the back of my head was until I used this wonderful product! Thanks a lot Ellen and Deena! ~ Steve Smith
  • I have long hair and the three way mirror shows me every angle.  It can be hung so both hands are free.  It’s so much easier and faster to style my hair with Floxsee.  Great for putting on make-up also, especially mascara.  I am very happy with my Floxsee. ~ Helene, Phillip David Company


    I Love it, I can now see all views. And can use both hands for blow drying and styling. Thanks!



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