Using Floxsee

The Floxsee tri-fold mirror with hooks is the perfect 3 way mirror for your home, dorm, or hotel.

Whether you need a 3 way mirror to view your hair style, touch up gray, or apply coverage for thinning hair, the Floxsee mirror with hooks is the perfect partner for perfect hair. It also works for makeup application!

Simply hook Floxsee over the door of your bathroom, closet, hotel room, or dorm room, and get ready to see everything in this tri-fold 3 way mirror. When you’re done, fold it up and take it down for easy storage.

Floxsee can go with you wherever you go to ensure you get the perfect look every time. Anywhere there’s a door, you can use Floxsee!

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Acrylic Mirror Information

REFLECTIVITY : Approx. 85-90% over the 400-700 nanometer visual light spectrum. Minor visual distortion possible at a distance of more than 2’.
LIGHTWEIGHT - Less than one half the weight of glass in the same size and
BREAK RESISTANT: Superior break & impact resistance when compared to traditional glass mirror. Up to 10 times more break resistant &17 times greater impact resistance than traditional glass mirror- same dimension and thickness  

HEAT: Can tolerate heat exposure up to 160 degrees F.   

WEATHER/MOISTURE RESISTANCE: Acrylic mirror products are not recommended for outdoor



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